Well-organized and efficient logistics is the core of our professional credibility.

Through contracts with the best logistics companies in the country, we carry out administrative tasks within one day. Therefore, we delivered the goods within 24 hours to buyers in Belgrade, and within 48 hours to customers all over Serbia.

Due to the successful of our previous results, our company is recognized as the truly reliable partner in the whole process of the supply chain.

Import, customs clearance – in the shortest time possible and in collaboration with leading partners we finish the complete administrative process.

Storage – we maintain the optimal amount of inventory for the smooth functioning and we store in the accordance with all industry standards.

Contractual storage partner
(Milšped, Krnješevci)

Contractual shipping partner
(Milšped, Krnješevci)

Contractual transport partner
(Rapan, Valjevo, Milšped, D-Express)