Decisions making on product range and procurement is primarily based on the needs of our market consumers.

We create a link between manufacturers, retail and consumers. In this process, we share information and develop product categories so the good coordination and communication with all partners in the supply chain is critical for our success.

We operate independently with all product categories which include individual strategy development for the products of each brand, planning and contracting range, as well as monitoring sales and item movement in the market.

When planning and contracting product range, we are guided by the needs of consumers and the market situation and we set the target in accordance with the category role and development plan. Together with our suppliers we make decisions about its range, and we follow the category profitability, market trends and application of standards.

Product range – we handle two-way cooperation with partners in selecting appropriate product range customized to each sales spot.

Planning – through the planning process, we match the desire of suppliers with the capabilities of the company, market requirements and consumer needs.