Our marketing activities meet the needs of our consumers and bring profit to our customers.

We are fully focused on our business marketing concept. Every member of our team cares about consumers and customers, and always works with the full awareness that we are there for them.

Marketing planning is an integral part of the overall planning of company activities. We are oriented to customers, and each assortment planning and services start from their needs, while our goal is the satisfaction of everyone in the chain. With planned decisions through an internal harmonization and organization process, we adapt to the market demands and predict market developments. In this way, we have influence on the creation of the market state.

Market information – Based on our experience, internal analysis and available researches, we provide reliable information to our partners in regards to market movement.

Marketing Communications – We align promotional activities with partners, market needs and annual marketing plan.

Stuff education – We believe that an educated and informed personnel is an important factor in achieving the goals and that is why we are constantly working on personal training and staff education in the retail chain.

ATL (TV and radio commercials, billboards, leaflets, printed materials, WEB)

BTL (POS materials, in-store promotions)